Book reviewing on the blog: the redux

Back in 2015 I wrote a post here stating that I wasn’t going to review books on the site and was instead going to use a mix of reviewing on Goodreads and keeping an up-to-date list of my favourite books here instead. At the time it felt like my reviewing activity was separate to the blog and I didn’t want to move into being a book reviewing focused blog.

But, now, two years on I’ve decided I’d like to start posting my book reviews here. They’re currently located in a separate section of the site here with a few different types of indexes, a book reviewing policy and my good old Books I Love list.

So why the change?

For one I’ve gotten more into book reviewing as my reading has increased. Back in 2015, while I was reviewing a little bit, it wasn’t consistent and often didn’t include even reviews of books I really liked. Over the last year or so I’ve gotten much more consistent in my reviewing and I’ve grown to enjoy it more.

Two, my use of the blog and this site has changed. In 2015 my day job workload and the time that took away from my writing and other related activities like blogging was different. There’s a marked difference in the rate I used to blog at to the rate I’m currently blogging at.[1] So, where two years ago I didn’t have the time to focus on reviewing and I was updating the blog more regularly, I can see how posting reviews would have felt like watering down the content I was putting my time and effort into. But now, the balance is different and I’m ok with this site evolving as what I want out of my writing home online changes.

Three, I like the idea of having a central hub for my reviews that can then be shared out to other relevant places and that people who find my reviews can follow back to a central point. Goodreads doesn’t really facilitate an index of reviews and following someone there means you’ll get an updates feed of what they’re reading and reviewing, but it doesn’t allow you to find someone whose opinions you vibe with and hunting through their archives to see what else you might like. Up until now my reviewing has been more focused on ad hoc adding information to individual books, but I’m starting to warm to the idea of creating a small resource, if only for myself.

So you may see more book review posts from the blog on places like Twitter, but I’m planning to mostly keep the reviews in their own section of the site. The idea is that people who are interested in the blog can access that content without having to wade through the reviews, and the people who are interested in the reviews don’t have to skim past my blog posts to get to what they’re after. I’m still planning to do my annual book round-up at the end of the year though – because I dig writing up those posts!


[1] I’m currently trying a fortnightly update schedule and seeing how that goes.

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