Fantastic Find Friday #4

Isabel Allende and Elizabeth Gilbert – together!

I don’t even know how I found this video, but I’m glad I did. Isabel Allende and Elizabeth Gilbert both give great presentations on (what were then) new books Ripper and The Signature of All Things. The audio screws up a bit at the start, but it fixes.

Charlie Jane Anders on rejection

Last Fantastic Find Friday I flagged io9 as a pretty good spot for writing advice and, right on cue, Charlie Jane Anders posted an article on handling rejection and balancing the rational and creative parts of yourself in order to stay sane.

She also linked to a previous article she had written, wherein she attempted to write a short story a week and writes about her trial by fire experiences doing so. Quite an enjoyable follow-up!1 I have thought about undertaking a similar project myself, but suspect relevant parties in my life would, probably not even metaphorically, kill me. I’m not the sort of person who needs more quantified goals to fail to reach and subsequently guilt myself over. See, Felicity? I’m learning!

Victoria Schwab: 18 authors share a day in the life

After finding and loving her book Vicious I promptly followed VE Schwab/Victoria Schwab on Twitter and subscribed to her blog2When I like something, I follow it hard online. I’m really glad I did. She had a great post with 18 authors giving a short run down of their day-to-day. The best part for me was seeing the diversity – some of these authors had day jobs, some didn’t. There were similarities and differences in the routines. As someone who’s been struggling with their writing routine lately, this was intensely comforting.

Chuck Wendig’s response to Stephen King

In Fantastic Find Friday #2 I mentioned a great article Stephen King wrote in the New York Times about writing productivity and considering the quantity vs quality debate in fiction writing. Chuck Wendig wrote a great rebuttal on his blog where he advocates for the “whatever works” approach better than I ever could.

The Plot Twist: E-Book Sales Slip, and Print is Far From Dead

Speaking of the New York Times, they ran this article this week about ebook vs print sales, indicating that we might be heading towards some kind of balance on the book format front and a move away from the hysteria around the idea that ebooks will kill print books forever. As someone who enjoys reading in both formats I’m glad to some calming down on this front. Incidentally, I wouldn’t mind seeing some stats on whether audiobook sales have gone up since iPods and mp3 players arrived and audiobooks became more affordable. Anyone?

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