Fantastic Find Friday #5

Collaborative writing

I love the idea of collaborative writing and I’m fascinated by how the process works – it’s as varied as individual writing processes are, but with the added complexity of having more than one personality and working style at the table. Felicity and I once brainstormed a collaboratively written novel over dinner1and have since been too busy with our own projects to pursue it.. One of my favourite new finds of the year is The Expanse series by James SA Corey – a pseudonym for the two writers collaboratively writing the series.

Writers Victoria had a quick and interesting interview with Alice Campion – a group of five women in a book club who wrote a romance mystery novel together.

The First Draft is Always Perfect

An important bit of advice going into Nanowrimo in just over a week – The first draft is perfect; all it has to do is exist.

Victoria Schwab: Day in the Life of Editors

As a follow up to her genius post on a day in the life of writers Victoria Schwab posted a day in the life of editors on her blog. I found it equally informative and enlightening as I did the writers one. And learned the editors don’t spend nearly as much time reading as I, or they, think they do!

The Strange Rise of the Writers’ Space

I’ve become increasingly fascinated by where writers write. Writing shed? Studio? Study? Co-working space? The New Yorker recently profiled a “writers space” in New York. Like a co-working space, the writers space is a quiet, office-like environment for writers to work in. I find the idea amazing and would love to have one locally!

The Not-Quite End of the Book Tour

Noah Charney wrote a piece for The Atlantic talking about what a book tour is really like and how they’re changing as publishing marketing strategies and budgets do. It’s a really nice insight into the process from the outside looking in and well worth the read!

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2 Comments for “Fantastic Find Friday #5”

Simon Whitehead


How good is The Atlantic?! I hope you achieve the romanticism of writing nirvana and that it involves tea.



I love The Atlantic! That and the New Yorker pretty much make my longform article reading life 🙂
Writing nirvana will happen, and it’ll involve a really, really good kettle 😉

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