Resources & Inspiration

A short list of writing resources and inspiration I rely on regularly to keep me productive and sane.
Also known as “things I find useful and love”.

Writing resources

Absolute Write Water Cooler

The Australian Writer’s Marketplace / Writer’s Market

Critters Workshop



Monthly Twitter Writing Challenge

Query Shark

The Submission Grinder


TV Tropes

Write Chain Challenge

Writer’s Victoria

Writing Excuses



Brain Pickings

“Make Good Art” – Neil Gaiman | University of the Arts Commencement speech 2012

“Your elusive creative genius” – Elizabeth Gilbert | TED

“Success, failure and the drive to keep creating” – Elizabeth Gilbert | TED

Humans of New York


Austin Kleon

“Connecting the dots, dealing with criticism & the essence of crowdfunding” – Amanda Palmer | The Muse and the Marketplace Conference keynote address

“The Art of Asking” – Amanda Palmer | TED

“Write Like a…” – Cheryl Strayed, Dear Sugar | The Rumpus

Terribleminds – Chuck Wendig

Writing a Lot, Writing a Little, and the Power of Failure – Chuck Wendig

Zen Pencils